Sailing the seven seas in a gallion full of gold or passing by the Bosphorus in a ferry, drinking a tea. Fishing in Le Blaireau in Brittany, that’s the sea I enjoy

Sea view in a Cappuccino Coloured City

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Utopia Istanbulia painting of Dominique Massot, with the sea in the background

Title: Utopia Istanbulia

Size: 100 cm X 50 cm

Year : 2021

Acrylic on canvas

If you want to live in a nice place, with a beautiful view, in a sunny place, just ask me…

Santorin 80 painting of Dominique Massot with the sea in the background

Title: Santorin 80

Size: 130 cm X 97 cm

Year: 2003

Acrylic on canvas

I’d like to be there, right here, right now

 Vapur çay pogaça painting of Dominique Massot

Title: Vapur çay pogaça

Size: 80 cm X 80 cm

Year : 2013

Acrylic on canvas

The Vapur is a kind of ferry that crosses the Bosphorus in Istanbul. Inside, at any time of the day, you can drink a tea (çay) and eat a pogaça, a kind of salty pastry.

Blaireau for ever painting of Dominique Massot in the sea side

Title: Blaireau for ever

Size: 120 X 60 cm

Year: 2018

Acrylic on canvas

Le Blaireau is this typical little white and blue fishing boat moored in the little harbour of La Trinité sur Mer, south Brittany, Morbihan.

Title: Cappuccino

A single man in front of a sea view in a Cappuccino coloured city.

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