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Digital Art

Digital art or NFTs based on my paintings or not.

Made frame by frame in Illustrator, video created in After Effects and music (created by my son Merev) added to finish the creation.

They are available for sale in or Foundation marketplaces.

NFTs created by Dominique Massot

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Roman Gods Cafe by Night (video and music)

It’s one of my painting made after a trip to New-York, original colours are more brown/beige/yellow, changed in blue for a night atmosphere with lights blinking and space invaders fighting. Animation and sound added to bring it to life.

Original Music by Merev

Available in Foundation

Happy Beaubourg (video and music)

Georges Pompidou Center is located in the center of Paris and hosts the National Modern Art museum. Two sculptures escaped from the museum and are interested by a flying icosahedron as day goes by.

Original Music by Merev

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Pacman and Inkie on the run (video and music)

PacMan and Inkie, the little blue ghost, running down the emergency stairs of a typical New-York building

Original Music by Merev

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Saturn Platon (video and music):

This is Saturn revisited with rings made of Platonic solids.

Original Music by Merev

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StatioNFT Paris (video and music)

NFT created for the NFT Paris show that happened in Station F the 22 January 2022

Original Music by Merev

Sold in

Hasta la victoria (video and music)

Che Guevara‘s sculpture and its shadows in Revolution square in La Havana, Cuba.

Original Music by Merev

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Bodrum Waves (video and original waves sound)

Sound arranged by Merev

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A Vespa in Bodrum (video and music).

Like all my NFTs, this one is created in Illustrator based on one photo I made. I create a first vectorial drawing in Illustrator end then I duplicate it and change the colors (or not). I give some movements to clouds, sun, stars, shadows, birds, people and then I render the frames in After Effects and add some music composed by my son (Artist name Merev). A roman work 🙂

Music by Merev

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