Dominique Massot



The main paintings I made all these years, since 1999 or so.

For that, I used some acrylic or caseine painting on linen canvas.

I categorized them in different domains:

- The Monuments for beautiful buildings or constructions

- The Facades because I like buildings facades and to imagine the life behind them

- American Cars is a collection of paintings of American cars from the 50's/60's in different places but mainly in Cuba

- The Streets give an idea of the streets I crossed or imagined in Paris, Istanbul or New-York

- The Sea are paintings of the sea to give some freshness

- The South are paintings of the south to give some warmth.

I hope you will enjoy them...

New-Paris painting of Dominique Massot


Saint-Paul painting of Dominique Massot


Trinidad painting of Dominique Massot


Toits du Sud - Painting by Dominique Massot


Utopia Istanbulia - Painting by Dominique Massot


Istanbul Street


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